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A Touch of Elegance

Whether your project is a shopping mall, hotel, airport, convention center, atrium, arena or other type of structure, Busch Industries – the nation’s foremost Structural Framing firm – provides experienced project management, engineering services, fabricating and shipping on a global scale. Services include full site surveys, drawings, design, framing, skylights and space frame options. Unique, architecturally exposed construction components can be fabricated and shipped anywhere in the world.

The Space Frame System provides an added touch of sophistication and elegance with the clean lines of round tubes and spherical nodes and is available in spans from 20 feet to 500 feet.

Steel Tubular Framing with round, square or rectangular members and trusses provides clean, modern lines with enduring style and strength.

Bolted Glass by Space Decks offers maximized daylight with clean, simple, minimized joints and lines.

Stainless Steel by TriPyramid offers customized structural components for tension members with a wide variety of applications.

Architectural Metal components are offered for Victorian and Edwardian Designs.
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